As a hardworking learner I’m always reading something. I am always trying to broaden my knowledge by learning new thing. Whether I’m at school, at home or working.

I strongly care about my clients. I won’t stop helping them after the product is delivered. Instead I will stay in contact and be proactive. If I think something can work better or if I find a bug I will contact the client and help fixing it.

I am an entrepreneur. At 16 I went to a judge to get permission to start my own company. I wanted to be able to help my clients better and I wanted to start working at my future. This lead to me being used to extensive communications with clients.

I am specialised in front-end webdevelopment and in working with WordPress. I created several custom Workpress themes and I have experience working with Joomla! and Magento.

In addition I am managing a number of Virtual Webservers to keep the websites of my clients and myself online.

I am always interested in new and different technologies. Recently I visited a VR congress and worked with a home automation system.